In the Work of the Lord, every God-given resource of time, strength, talent and wealth may be given to supply and augment all the needs of the Ekklesia. Romans 12 clearly states that each member of the Lighthouse Bible Baptist Church has a spiritual gift or resource that he / she can contribute for the furtherance of the Gospel.
Love (for local missions)
Faith (for foreign missions)
Mercy (for community ministries)
Firstfruits and Thanksgiving
Other designated offerings

The Lighthouse Bible Baptist Church's Ministry of Giving or Contributing is not only limited to the Tithes (10% of gross income), Love Offering (support given to local missions), Faith Offering (support given to foreign missions) and Mercy Offering (donations given to The Great Lighthouse Foundation) regularly given by its members as an outward exercise of their faith and obedience to God's commands and as a manifestation of their spiritual maturity. Also included in this ministry is giving honor to God through Firstfruits Offering (equivalent to one month's salary) and Sacrificial/Thanksgiving Offering (highest form of giving). Aside from all these, extending one's time, resources, skills, facilities, property, professional services and other things God has blessed them with for the furtherance of His work also form part of the Ministry of Giving.

Young Ladies Singers
Cainta Young Ladies
Arts and Décor (Lighthouse Blooms, Paintings by Mark Andy Garcia)
Arts and Décor
Arts and Décor
Arts and Décor
Arts and Décor
Pastries (MiaMy Cakes)
Sports / Recreational / Training Facilities
Laboratory / Medical Equipments
Coffee Machine
Coffee Supplies
Construction supplies